B & B 4 Bikers

You  have  now the possibility to bring your motorbike to  Andalucia during the Winter, so you can enjoy riding it every time you come to Spain.

The transporter will bring your motorbike down to Tolox, 700 euros per journey.

Have a look at his web page  http://www.bjbiketransport.se , Calle Berggren will be happy to answer your questions on: calle@bjsupport.se.

Your motorbike will be parked in a private garage, looked after by a mechanic. The cost for the garage is 20 euros per month or 3 euros per day per motorbike.

The Posada Azul is at your disposal whether you want to stay a week, two weeks or a month at the following prices:

1 week stay

 190 euros per person

2 weeks stay

 320 euros per person

3 weeks stay

390 euros per person

1 month stay

450 euros per person

Rental of the whole house for one week maximum 10 people

 1.800 euros


We are looking forward to seeing you in Tolox.